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What is BeerMappr?
BeerMappr is a service that creates an interactive map for breweries, which tracks their beer distribution and shows their customers where to buy the brews. Brewers upload their depletion reports, and BeerMappr automatically organizes the data into a map.

As a brewer, how can BeerMappr help me? 
By giving you an easy and affordable way to finally be able to answer the question, “Where can I buy your beers?”

It was a problem we heard echoed by small brewers around the country: they don’t know where distributors are taking their beer, and the cost to track them is outrageous. So, we made it affordable. BeerMappr deciphers the complex depletion reports for you, then packages the information into a simple, shareable format.

It’s a tool for both brewers and beer consumers like us: We want to find the beers we love. You want us to buy the beers. Show us the way!


How Do I get a BeerMappr map?
You register for your login, and you will receive your username and password in your e-mail. Then, you’ll have access to a dashboard, where you can upload all of your reports at once to create and update your map. It’s as simple as that.

How much does BeerMappr cost?
Pricing for BeerMappr is based on how many distributors you have to upload into your map. It starts at $29 a month for breweries with 1 to 10 distributors.

How does billing work?
When you pay for BeerMappr, you’re ordering a subscription. You will be charged monthly to keep your map working and updating. You can cancel your subscription at any time.



What is a depletion report?
A depletion report is the report your distributor provides to you that shows you where they have taken your beer. With BeerMappr, you can turn these often confusing reports into an easy-to-use, interactive map. Simply upload your reports, and BeerMappr will use them to generate your map.

How can I get a depletion report if I don’t have one now?
Contact your distributor. They are required to provide this to you.

What format does my depletion report need to be in to work with BeerMappr?
BeerMappr can read the most common formats for reports. It works best with:
•    Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel (.xls/.xlsx)
•    Open Office Spreadsheet (.ods)
•    Apple Numbers (.numbers)
•    Comma Separated Values (.csv)
•    Some PDFs* (.pdf)

*Some PDFs may be able to be converted to a usable format. If you’re unsure what you have, send us an email and we’d be happy to look at your report. If you need any changes, we can tell you what to ask your distributor for.



How do I create a map?
You create your map by uploading your depletion reports. When you upload them, BeerMappr will read them and turn them into useable data, organizing them into an interactive map.

How do I upload a report?
Log into BeerMappr. You’ll be automatically taken to the admin panel. Select the “Upload report” tab. Choose the distributor who’s report you want to upload from the drop-down menu. Then click “choose file” and select the report from your computer.

Then, just click “Upload.” You’ll get a confirmation so you know the upload worked, and your map will update within 24 hours. You’ll get an email confirmation when it’s updated.

How do I upload multiple reports at a time?
Once you’ve selected your distributor and selected the file for your report, you can click the “+” button. This will add a new row, where you can choose another distributor and select another depletion report file to upload. When you select “Upload Report,” all of your reports will be uploaded at once.

How do I upload a report for a distributor that isn’t on the list?
Just upload your additional reports under the “Add Distributor” tab. We will update BeerMappr so it can read these new reports correctly. It only takes us a few hours (and only the first time) to set up a new distributor for you.

How long will it take for my map to update?
All BeerMappr maps update once every 24 hours. Once your information is uploaded, your map will populate within 24 hours, at the next time on the schedule. You’ll get an email notification when your map is updated.

If you just added new reports from a distributor that wasn’t already in the system, the developer who maintains BeerMappr will update the system to be able to read new reports. He may need an extra day or so. His name is Justin, and he’ll work as fast as his fingers can keystroke. He will contact you to let you know if your reports aren’t completed by the regular update. In the meantime, your map will still show your beer locations from your other distributors.



How do I share my map?
Your map will generate a code. You can copy and paste this code into your website, where it will display your map for customers. The same code can be used multiple times, so you can display your map as many places as you’d like.

What if I don’t have access to my brewery’s website to add the code?
Copy and paste the code and send it to your web administrator. It should only take him/her a minute or so to add your map to the site.

What if I don’t know where to add the code on my site?
Just contact us! We have programmers on our team who’d be glad to help. They’ll look at your site and quickly show you where BeerMappr can fit without messing anything else up. And they won’t need your password or anything to do it.



How often should I update my BeerMappr with new reports?
You should receive depletion reports about once a month. To keep your map most up-to-date for your customers, we recommend you upload those reports regularly when you receive them. Most brewers update their maps monthly.

Can I customize my map?
While we’ll be adding more custom features for all BeerMappr users over time, but we also take special requests to customize maps. Some customizations include:

  • Search By Beer Type
  • Search By Zip code
  • Search “Near Me”
  • Custom Pins
  • Custom Search Form
  • Custom Map Callouts

Swamp Head Brewery’s BeerMappr map is a good example of a customized map.  Contact us if you want a map that’s more branded for your brewery.

What else can BeerMappr do?
We’re working on expanding BeerMappr with new capabilities, including social media integration, custom pins for maps, more data breakdown options for brewers, and more. If you have an idea of what you’d like to see, let us know! We’re using feedback from users like you to determine which features to develop first.

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